Realize the potential of your business with digital twins

Experience the benefits of digital twins – real-time monitoring, simulation, and optimization of physical objects and systems.

Challenges our clients face

Downtime and inefficiencies

Clients may experience production downtime or inefficiencies in their physical systems, resulting in losses and decreased productivity.

Limited control and visibility

Clients may lack control and visibility into their physical systems, making it difficult to identify issues or make informed decisions.

Inability to optimize performance

Limited data and insights hinder clients’ system performance optimization, leading to missed opportunities and increased costs.

At XPG Factor, we understand the pain points of our clients and are committed to providing solutions that address their specific needs. Our digital twin technology enables real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of physical systems, reducing downtime, improving efficiency, and providing greater visibility and insights into operations. With XPG Factor, clients can optimize their systems’ performance and make informed decisions to achieve their business goals.

Benefits of digital twins

Digital twins offer numerous benefits, including real-time monitoring, simulation, and optimization of physical objects and systems. They enable businesses to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and make more informed decisions. With XPG Factor digital twin solutions, you can unlock these benefits and drive success for your business.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor physical objects and systems in real-time to identify issues, prevent downtime, and optimize performance.


Simulate scenarios to identify potential problems, optimize performance, and reduce risk.


Optimize performance and reduce costs by analyzing real-time data and making informed decisions.

Predictive Maintenance

Predict and prevent equipment failure by analyzing real-time data, identifying patterns, and scheduling maintenance before issues arise.

How digital twins work

Data Collection

In the data collection step, real-time data is gathered from sensors and other sources to provide information about the physical object or system.


During analysis, collected data is processed to identify patterns, trends, and potential issues. This is crucial for optimizing performance and reducing maintenance costs by identifying issues before they occur.

Model Creation

Use machine learning, AI, and other technologies to create a digital twin. It enables real-time monitoring, control, simulation, and optimization.

Enhancing business operations with digital twins

Improved operational efficiency

Digital twins can help businesses optimize their physical assets and systems, improving operational efficiency. By creating a virtual replica of their physical assets, companies can monitor their real-time performance and identify improvement areas. This enables businesses to reduce downtime, improve maintenance processes, and ultimately increase productivity and profitability.

Increased business agility

Digital twins can help businesses become more agile and responsive to changing market conditions. By using digital twins to simulate and test different scenarios, companies can identify potential issues and opportunities before they occur. This enables them to make informed decisions and adapt to changing circumstances more effectively. In addition, digital twins can provide businesses with valuable data insights that can inform strategic planning and decision-making.

What clients say about us

Our client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Their feedback speaks volumes about our work. Look at what they say about their experience working with us and how our software development services helped them achieve their business objectives.

Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Klos
Head of Melting and Casting Technology
Research & Development

SMS group stands for future-oriented technology and outstanding service in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the metals industry. We are working with lots of companies all over the world. One of them is the software company XPG Factor. XPG Factor team managed to smoothly and fast enter to our processes. With their help, we reduced software maintenance costs and work hours for its support. Being flexible the team did their best to meet all our requirements, adjustments and accomplished the set of technological goals. XPG Factor proved to be a reliable and professional partner.

We would like to thank XPG Factor for their purposeful and flexible approach. We would definitely recommend them as software partner.

Digital twin solutions in action

Discover how businesses use digital twins to drive success in the manufacturing industry.

The digital twin transformation of an oil rig

Drilling software – monitoring and management of operations, data collection, analysis and predictions, financial reporting.

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