The digital twin transformation of an oil rig

Drilling software – monitoring and management of operations, data collection, analysis and predictions, financial reporting.

About the client

Sekal, a leading company in real-time drilling engineering, has established itself as a prominent figure in the oil and gas industry.


The client faced the challenge of operating with an outdated system, limiting their ability to effectively monitor drilling operations and provide in-depth data analysis. The legacy software’s incapacity for predictive analysis and comprehensive financial reporting resulted in inefficiencies.

Moreover, the complexity of drilling operations and the transition to a cloud-based system posed significant obstacles, given their limited expertise in modern technologies and resource constraints.


The implemented solution revolutionized Sekal’s drilling operations, enhancing their efficiency, safety, and financial management capabilities. Our modernized information system enabled proactive decision-making through real-time data analysis, contributing to a significant reduction in the likelihood of accidents and operational downtime. The cloud-based architecture and distributed system ensured uninterrupted functionality across various drilling sites, empowering Sekal to operate seamlessly and securely in diverse environments. The enhanced financial reporting capabilities provided comprehensive insights for informed decision-making and resource optimization, further strengthening Sekal’s competitive position in the market.

Modernized Information System

XPG Factor developed a comprehensive suite of modern software solutions tailored to the specific needs of Sekal. This included a complete overhaul of their outdated system, enabling real-time monitoring, predictive analysis, and comprehensive financial reporting.

Cloud Migration and Distributed System

Our team successfully migrated the system to the cloud, ensuring high reliability and seamless operation even during network disruptions. We implemented a distributed system architecture, enabling data synchronization between the central server and various remote drilling sites, ensuring continuous functionality regardless of internet connectivity.

Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and advanced analytics, our solution facilitated in-depth data analysis and anomaly detection, contributing to proactive accident prevention and improved operational safety. Additionally, our system streamlined financial reporting, enabling efficient tracking of expenditures and comprehensive financial analytics for improved decision-making.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of drilling operations
  • Predictive analysis and anomaly detection for accident prevention
  • Cloud-based system architecture for seamless operations across remote drilling sites
  • Comprehensive financial reporting and analytics for efficient resource management
  • Distributed data storage and synchronization for uninterrupted functionality
  • Visualized sensor data for enhanced process understanding
  • Time tracking system for efficient resource allocation
  • Integrated human resources management for streamlined operations
  • Advanced accounting functionalities for precise financial management
  • Secure infrastructure ensuring data integrity and privacy

Methodology & Transparency

The XPG Factor team adopted a dynamic approach, implementing agile methodologies such as Kanban and Scrum to ensure efficient project management and seamless collaboration with Sekal. This approach facilitated transparent communication and regular updates, fostering a highly responsive and adaptable development process.

The team conducted daily meetings to discuss progress, address challenges, and incorporate client feedback effectively. Additionally, retrospective meetings were held to assess the project’s progress and identify areas for further improvement.

Team Composition

Scrum master
Project manager
Product Owner
7 backend developers
5 frontend developers
4 QA engineers


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