About us

Welcome to XPG Factor, a company that specializes in creating custom software solutions for manufacturing and logistics companies.

Our Goal

We focus on the industrial and transport sector because it is vital for the global economy and society. We aim to make your processes convenient, transparent, modern, and aligned with needs of business and community as a whole. This is exactly what XPG Factor was originated for.

Meet Our Team

Eugeni Popko


Pavel Kutsik


Our Services

We offer a range of services and solutions that help you and your employees solve problems, achieve goals, and work comfortably in a fast-changing technological environment. Whether you need ERP systems, web development, IoT technology, or digital twins, we have the expertise and experience to deliver.

Sustainable Development

We care about sustainable development, guiding our clients through continuous improvements for their employees and the planet. We strive to make the manufacturing experience sustainable, fostering collaboration between business, technology, and the environment.

Our Approach


We kick off by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your processes, needs, and requirements. This analysis forms the bedrock of our decision-making, ensuring clarity and effectiveness of our solutions.


Leveraging industry best practices, we bring years of experience to our clients, ensuring that our solutions are not only innovative but also tried and tested for optimal results.

Soft Integration

We prioritize seamless integration of our solutions into your existing systems and applications. Our aim is to make a smooth transition without inconvenience.


We believe in open communication and collaboration. Your involvement in every aspect of development is not just encouraged but valued, ensuring transparency and alignment throughout the process.

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