Machine Park Application

The Machine Park application is envisioned to be an Add-On to ERP systems for managing the machine and equipment for a construction equipment manufacturer.

About the client

The Liebherr Group, globally recognized as a premier construction machine manufacturer, has consistently set industry standards for technology and innovation.


The Liebherr Group encountered a significant challenge in effectively managing its extensive inventory of machines and equipment across different regions, coupled with the need for seamless integration with its existing ERP systems. To address this, the company developed a comprehensive solution to control and optimize rental, sales, demonstration processes, inventory management, and logistical processes. Consequently, the company turned to XPG Factor for a team of specialists capable of developing the required software.


While working on the Liebherr Group project, the XPG Factor team contributed to the development of the Machine Park application. This solution served as an intuitive Add-On to their ERP systems, enabling seamless machine and equipment fleet management. Using the latest technological advances and the capabilities of an integrated web and mobile application, the XPG Factor team, together with specialists from the Liebherr Group, created a reliable system that allowed them to manage their fleet and assets effectively and accurately.

The team developed a high-performance, reliable, and user-friendly application by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as React, ASP.NET Core, and MS Azure Web Services and implementing rigorous quality assurance practices.

Key Features

Inventory Management

Inventory tracking and management,real-time insights into the availability and status of machines and equipment.

Scheduler for Reservations and Orders

An intuitive scheduling system allowing seamless management of reservations and orders, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Digital Logistics

A sophisticated digital logistics module that facilitated the smooth flow of equipment, optimizing the supply chain and reducing operational complexities.

Financial Valuation

Robust financial valuation tools to enable accurate assessment of assets, aiding in strategic decision-making and financial planning.

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytical capabilities providing valuable insights for informed decision-making and performance evaluation.

Methodology & Transparency

Working under the direction of the Liebherr Group project manager, the XPG Factor team held regular calls to report on completed tasks and plan new ones.

The Liebherr Group received regular updates and progress reports, ensuring complete transparency.

Team Composition

Fullstack developer
2 backend developers
2 manual QA engineers
Business analyst
Scrum master


MS SQL Server
MS Azure Web Services

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