Baggage delivery management system

DUBZ – is a system for delivering luggage from and to the airport. People do not have to worry about losing their bags and suitcases.

About the client

DUBZ is a technology start-up founded in 2016 by three enterprising individuals headquartered in Dubai. In 2016, they were selected as a winner of Intelak, the aviation and travel incubator program co-founded by the Emirates Group, GE, and Dubai Tourism to nurture travel technology entrepreneurship in the UAE.


DUBZ approached XPG Factor with a pre-built web application almost ready for launch. However, the existing solution needed better design, good coding, and extended functionality. The co-founders of DUBZ were dissatisfied with the situation and sought expertise to address these issues.


Our main challenge was to streamline and rebuild the existing product from scratch, ensuring it functions seamlessly and meets the initial requirements. XPG Factor’s objective was to improvethe overall quality and performance of the application.


Analysis and Informational Structure

The XPG Factor team conducted a comprehensive analysis to understand the client’s requirements, and create an optimized informational structure for the application. This included careful development of app navigation and overall features composition to ensure a seamless user experience.

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Development

With a focus on user-centric design, XPG Factor engineers developed the UX and UI components of the application. This involved creating intuitive interfaces and visually appealing designs to enhance user engagement.

Key Features and Integrations

The team of XPG Factor engineers implemented several critical features and integrations throughout the development process to enrich the application’s functionality. These included:

  • a dynamic booking form
  • seamless payment gateway integration
  • integration with the Google Maps API for location-based services
  • integration with the delivery service Tookan for efficient order management
Testing and Quality Assurance

To ensure a flawless user experience, XPG Factor conducted rigorous testing across various devices and platforms. The company’s proprietary approach allowed us to identify and fix potential bugs or issues, ensuring a smooth and error-free application.

Data Security and Privacy

The XPG Factor team prioritized the security and privacy of user data. All user data is securely hashed, and our server-side infrastructure is equipped with robust monitoring and security measures. We adhere to strict confidentiality rules, ensuring that no sensitive information is stored in the public domain, whether it belongs to users or our development teams.

The XPG Factor team continues to provide technical development and regular support for the project.

Client reference

Franziska Bayram

“We are working with XPG Factor from 2016 and we are very happy with their services. Not only is their work of high quality and they work with the latest technologies, but they also have become a trusted partner to us in terms of strategy and new technologies. Additionally, their customer support is outstanding. We are having a direct line over several channels with our account manager and she is always responsive. The communication is such an important part when working with a 3rd party software company and XPG Factor shows really outstanding support and knowledge in all areas.”

Methodology & Transparency

XPG Factor followed the Kanban methodology for project management. This allows us to set up process and track the progress of tasks efficiently.

To ensure clear and consistent communication, we provide regular meeting severaltimes a week. These meetings included discussion on the project status, addressing any requests or inquiries, and providing visibility into progress.

Solution Pack for DUBZ

User-Friendly Website

Allows users to place baggage delivery orders and make secure online payments easily.

Admin Panel for Order Management

Enables efficient management of baggage delivery orders. Administrators can easily place, update, and track orders, ensuring smooth operations.

Delivery Operations Management System

Allows administrators to create pickup and delivery tasks, assign drivers, and track orders in real time, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient logistics.

Mobile Application for Drivers

Enables drivers to efficiently manage their assigned tasks, view order details, and utilize optimized navigation for the most time-effective routes.

Team Composition

Frontend developer
Backend developer
QA engineer
Project manager
Tech Lead


Google Maps

Benefits and Results

Updating the DUBZ platform resulted in a significant increase in user trust, as confirmed by research conducted by the marketing department.

The active participation of Dubz’s start-up founders in multiple start-up conferences has greatly expanded the platform’s target audience, fostering growth and increased market presence.

Our tech support ensures a safe experience for users and customers, effectively addressing technical issues. We are also implementing new features and integrations to enhance the product’s capabilities further and meet evolving user needs.

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